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Topical BioMedics is the research and development leader in transdermal pain relief and healing products. We are committed to bringing you high-quality, natural, safe and effective adjunctive treatments to primary and tertiary care.

Our work focuses on the musculoskeletal system—joints, tendons, bursa, ligaments, and muscles. In collaboration with conventional and complementary practitioners, we are creating compelling approaches for debilitating disorders such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and lower back pain, as well as providing relief from sports- and work-related trauma injuries.

Topical BioMedics was founded in 1994, following a ten-year period of discovery and development. Our CEO, Lou Paradise, innovated our leading product, Topricin®, as he sought options while facing surgery for severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Company History

In the 1980s, Topical BioMedics' founders first recognized a significant void in the available options for effective and safe treatments for pain. Although we note advances made by the conventional and traditional health communities in many other areas today, pain management remains a debilitating challenge for millions of people.

As professionals at our nation's hospitals strive to help the increasing number of sufferers, a new hope is emerging, a new respect evolving between conventional and traditional therapies for peripheral neuropathic and rheumatic pain.

Topical BioMedics' research-based biopharmaceutical solutions are at the core of our work. We believe there is a much deeper dynamic evolving — providing a bridging mechanism between regulated natural medicines and all of primary care. Topricin®, our non-prescription medicine, lends itself as a synergistic tool for those who respect and desire safe and effective pain relief and healing.

As the National Institutes of Health invests millions to support platforms for research into complementary and conventional medicine, Topical BioMedics is helping bring together the best of these. Our primary work and mission is to drive an integrated evolving model for medicine--one where safe and effective treatments are widely available, and where no one has to live in pain. We invite you to join us in this important evolution.

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